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I’ve provided a variety of writing, web content and editing services to businesses and organizations such as: Dow Building Solutions, Reviewsnap, Graydon UK, Community Health Network, Community Physicians, Inc., HealthCall LLC, TriMedx, Graston Technique, DuoChart, Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc., Sallie Mae (now NavientSM), USA Funds, IEI Financial Services, Butler University (Office of the President), Wiley Publishing (The For Dummies Series), SAMS Publishing, Twin Lights Publishers, Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, ATA Airlines, Meyer Najem, Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis, EJ Co., RAM North America, Architectural Glass & Metal, Automated Doors & Access, Sullivan Munce Cultural Center, KDM Careers, Top Candidate Recruiting and Indy Women Connect.

My features and articles have also appeared in a variety of publications serving national, regional and local audiences. Those publications include: Healthcare Traveler Magazine, AAA’s Home & Away, Indianapolis Monthly, HOME Magazine, Indianapolis Business Journal, Hamilton County Business Magazine, Lift Magazine, Precast Solutions, Precast Inc., Commercial Building Products, Construction SpecifierLibrary Journal, Forefront MagazineIndiana Business Magazine, Indianapolis Star, Sites, INSIGHTS in Construction, Indiana Nursing Quarterly, Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly, Retirement Living, IN Magazine, Carmel Magazine, IN Business Magazine, Hamilton County Business Views, Indy Women Connect Online Magazine, Indianapolis CEO, Indy’s Woman and Indy’s Child.

Here are some writing and editing samples from a variety of businesses and publications:

EJ CO. – A leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks worldwide.

This narrative-style case study was used in an email campaign. It generated a large amount of conversions, and visitors stayed on the page (on average) more than 22 minutes.

TWIN LIGHTS PUBLISHERS – A Mass-based publishing company known for its Photographic Portrait series.

  • Indianapolis: A Photographic Portrait – coming in Spring 2017

GRAYDON UK – A leading provider of business credit information and data intelligence.

REVIEWSNAP – Reviewsnap is a leader in offering businesses complete, fully automated, self-service performance management systems

Here’s what Chris Arringdale, Reviewsnap Co-Founder and President, had to say about this book:
“This book is a great resource for people with different levels of performance management knowledge. You can learn anything from the basics to the trends we’re seeing in the evolution of performance management.”

GUYCO HOMES & REMODELING – A leading custom home builder and remodeler in the Midwest .

HEALTHCALL LLC – A medical communications company and the first provider of patented Automated Patient Response™ solutions.

DUOCHART – A company specializing in print and application-based medical translation materials.

COMMUNITY HEALTH NETWORK – One of Indiana’s major health-care systems.

Cancer Care Annual Report

BEDEL FINANCIAL CONSULTING, INC– A comprehensive, fee-only wealth management firm, established in 1989 by Elaine Bedel. Bedel Financial Consulting is one of the top 25 Women-Owned Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in the country according to WealthManagement.com.

FRENCH LICK RESORT – An award-winning historical resort in beautiful southern Indiana.

PRECAST SOLUTIONS – A national trade publication (print and online) that provides information for precasters, engineers and construction professionals.

PRECAST, INC. – A national trade publication (print and online) that provides industry information for precasters.

CONSTRUCTION SPECIFIER – A peer-reviewed publication (print and online) that is the official magazine of the Construction Specifications Institute.

COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRODUCTS – A national trade publication (print and online) that reaches 45,000 architects/engineers, contractors and owners involved in commercial construction.

MEYER NAJEM – An award-winning construction company based in Indiana that publishes INSIGHTS in Construction magazine.

LIFT MAGAZINE: FOR THE ASPIRING & SUCCESSFUL – A Kansas-based publication (print and online) that inspires executives to aspire to a higher level of living, leadership and achievement.

FOREFRONT MAGAZINE – A Chicago-based publication that shares leadership and management expertise through the lens of respected corporate business leaders.

INDIANAPOLIS MONTHLY – A city magazine for all things Indianapolis.


Home Décor 


HAMILTON COUNTY BUSINESS MAGAZINE – A business magazine affiliated with the Chambers of Commerce in Hamilton County.

NORTHWEST INDIANA BUSINESS QUARTERLY – A business magazine serving the counties of Northwest Indiana.

Economic Development 



RETIREMENT LIVING – A magazine geared toward seniors in Northwest Indiana, by the publisher of Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly.

HEALTHCARE TRAVELER MAGAZINEA national trade publication (print and online) that provides information for healthcare professionals on the move.

LIBRARY JOURNAL – A national publication known for its groundbreaking features and analytical news reports covering technology, management, policy and other professional concerns to public, academic and institutional libraries.

INDIANAPOLIS STAR – The daily newspaper serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

INDIANAPOLIS BUSINESS JOURNAL (IBJ) – A local weekly business publication.


2013 Health Care Heroes Publication – I wrote all 15 profiles for this annual publication (look for my byline at the end of the Table of Contents!).

2012 Health Care Heroes Articles

2011 Health Care Heroes Articles

Business and Finance

Women in Business

At Home Quarterly – A quarterly IBJ publication

INDIANA BUSINESS MAGAZINEIndiana’s oldest business magazine (now defunct).

INDIANA NURSING QUARTERLY A trade publication for nurses.

 HAMILTON COUNTY BUSINESS VIEWS – A business magazine serving Hamilton County (now defunct). I covered the Retail and Construction beats.



SAMS.NET PUBLISHING – I served as Technical Reviewer for these “how to” books on HTML and Java.

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