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 GRAYDON UK – A leading provider of business credit information and data intelligence.

 REVIEWSNAP – Reviewsnap is a leader in offering businesses complete, fully automated, self-service performance management systems.

Here’s what Chris Arringdale, Reviewsnap Co-Founder and President, had to say about this book:
“This book is a great resource for people with different levels of performance management knowledge. You can learn anything from the basics to the trends we’re seeing in the evolution of performance management.”

  BEDEL FINANCIAL CONSULTING, INC– A comprehensive, fee-only wealth management firm, established in 1989 by Elaine Bedel. Bedel Financial Consulting is one of the top 25 Women-Owned Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in the country according to WealthManagement.com.

 SAMS.NET PUBLISHING I served as Technical Reviewer for these “how to” books on HTML and Java.

  TWIN LIGHTS PUBLISHERS – A Massachusetts-based publishing company known for its Photographic Portrait series.

  • Book: Indianapolis: A Photographic Portrait (2017) (Narrated)
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